Public Jobs

Bids due tomorrow at 2:00pm
5/13/21 2:00 pm
Franklin D. Roosevelt Apartments
AEPMI Design & Building Consultants
Waterbury, CT
Call for Aid, Smoke and Heat Detector Replacement
Bids due tomorrow at 2:00pm
5/13/21 2:00 pm
Rehabilitation of 6 Becker Place
The Architects
Vernon. CT
Bids due in 5 days
5/17/21 11:00 am
Dutton Road over Little River
AI Engineers
Oxford, CT
Bridge No. 04913
Bids due in 6 days
5/18/21 1:00 pm
Repaving Project at Bulger Apartments
J Associates Architects
Putnam, CT
Bids due in 12 days
5/24/21 2:00 pm
Sage Park Athletic Field Improvements
Town of Windsor
Windsor, CT
Bids due in 20 days
6/1/21 10:00 am
CT Route 69 (Waterbury Rd.) Sidewalk Improvements
SLR International Corporation
Prospect, CT
Bids due in 22 days
6/3/21 2:00 pm
Berkeley Heights – Exterior Stair Repair, Masonry & Painting
J D'Amelia and Associates
Waterbury, CT
Bids due in 23 days
6/4/21 3:00 pm
Exterior Door Replacement at Traverse Square
Middletown Housing Authority
Middletown, CT
Bidding Closed
5/11/21 2:00 pm
Window and Door Replacement East Haddam ES
Jacunski Humes Architects
Moodus, CT
Bidding Closed
5/6/21 2:00 pm
Field Drainage Improvements at RHAM High School
BSC Group Connecticut
Hebron, CT
Scope of work for this project includes earthwork and grading, installation of bituminous pavement walkways, concrete pads, miscellaneous site work, and site restoration.
Bidding Closed
5/4/21 2:00 pm
New Air Conditioning and Related Work to the Sharon Center School
Jacunski Humes Architects
Sharon, CT
Bidding Closed
4/26/21 12:00 pm
Griffin Road over Hungary Brook + Hungary Road over Quarry Brook
WMC Engineers
Granby, CT
Bridge No. 055002 + Bridge No. 055014
Bidding Closed
4/22/21 2:00 pm
REBID - General Renovations for the Park Hill Housing Complex
Capital Studio Architects
East Windsor, CT
Bidding Closed
4/22/21 1:00 pm
Hubbard Elementary School Fire Alarm Upgrades
Jacunski Humes Architects
East Berlin, CT
Bidding Closed
4/21/21 10:00 am
Covey Road Bridge over Bunnell Brook
Cardinal Engineering Associates, Inc
Burlington, CT
Bridge No. 020-012