Public Jobs

Bids due in 17 days
2/13/20 1:30 pm
Moorlands Stair Replacement
Town of Windsor
Windsor, CT
Lennox Ave & Moorlands
Bids due in 17 days
2/13/20 2:00 pm
Poquonock School
Town of Windsor
Parking Lot Additions & Renovations
Bids due in 14 days
2/10/20 2:00 pm
Birch Grove Primary School - 05 Structural Steel
D'Amato Construction
Tolland, CT
State Project #142-0083-N
Bids due in 16 days
2/12/20 2:00 pm
Window Replacement Project at Gaylord Towers
J Associates Architects
Bristol, CT
Bids due in 18 days
2/14/20 2:00 pm
Deerfield Road Rehabilitation
Milone & MacBroom
Windsor, CT
State Project No. L164-0005
Bids due in 15 days
2/11/20 2:00 pm
Kent Center School Windows REBID
Regional School District No. 1
Kent, CT
Bids due in 3 days
1/30/20 2:00 pm
Phase 3 Rosewood Manor Apts
Capital Studio Architects
Norwich, CT
Bids due in 7 days
2/3/20 11:00 am
Windsor DPW
Capital Studio Architects
99 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT
Renovation of Office Locker Restroom Areas
Bids due in 10 days
2/6/20 2:00 pm
504 Upgrades - Phase 4 for the Waterbury Housing Authority REBID
QuisenberryArcariMalik, LLC
Waterbury, CT
Bids will be received for furnishing all labor, materials, tools and equipment necessary to construct, equip and finish the above project, in accordance with the documents prepared by Quisenberry Arcari Malik, LLC and dated January 13, 2020
Bidding Closed
1/24/20 2:00 pm
Renovations to Brace Dale Co-Op
QuisenberryArcariMalik, LLC
91-93 Brace Road West Hartford, CT
Bids will be received for furnishing all labor, materials, tools, services and equipment necessary to complete